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If you sign up to the online programme today I will offer you a complimentary gift worth £75 for FREE!*

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Ask yourself a few simple questions:

Are you fed up with how anxiety or panic attacks makes you feel?

Would you like to see yourself living an anxiety/panic free life?

Do you want to stop those crippling attacks for good?

Would you like a solution that WORKS?

What Is The Answer?

My unique, ground breaking programme can successfully help you with fears, nervous symptoms and anxiety issues such as:

Social Anxiety
Fear and unusual fears
Panic Attacks
General Anxiety
Generalized Anxiety (Generalised Anxiety in the UK)
Severe Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Anxiety Disorder
Depression with Anxiety
Anxiety Panic Disorder

There are numerous ways to help with anxiety but I know how to ACHIEVE LASTING RELIEF, FAST!

My Online Programme Is The Right Programme For You!

Everything you will discover has been tried and tested with real clients in the real world, bringing life changing results to many.

For those remaining doubters and naysayers, let me assure you, there is no magic wand involved; just solid results based on years of clinical practice in England.

  • You benefit from my years of studying with the most forward thinking anxiety experts, who have travelled the world, imparting their knowledge. I represent a continuation of that tradition.
  • You gain from my investing heavily in my own studies, to ensure that you WILL get ONLY the relevant knowledge and help you need.
  • This will allow you to have a bright and anxiety free future. Once and for all.

You don’t need to pay lots of $$$$ or ££££ to get the answers and the results you want right here. Freedom from anxiety can be yours.

So what will you get with the programme apart from great results?

The Freedom Manual

The Secrets to Living Free from Anxiety eBook in PDF.

This path breaking eBook is downloadable and PACKED FULL of the information YOU need to allow you to gain control and regain the freedom you want from anxiety and panic attacks.

I’ve put all of my knowledge and experience of helping 100s of delighted clients into this book, just for you.

This book is crammed full of helpful information and ground breaking exercises and techniques, which on its own will help you achieve that sense of freedom.



I want to give you more value  and ensure this is the ONLY programme you will EVER need to get your life back; so read on to discover what other benefits and bonuses you will receive for that small, one time investment.

A High Definition Video Programme

That’s right! I’ve recorded ALL the exercises on professional quality HD video, to be the perfect complement to the eBook. This means you can follow along with ease should you prefer to watch and listen INSTEAD of reading.

4 Mind Reprogramming Tracks

I have personally recorded these tracks for you, using my entire repertoire of mind reprogramming skills, to help you get back on track.

These recorded techniques will safely help you reset the programs in your mind that have not been working correctly or helpfully for you.

These powerful recordings will help to reset the amygdala part of your brain. The amygdala controls the emotional and fear centres of the brain and becomes generally overactive in people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Your recordings will effectively help to switch the amygdala off and allow it to reset itself back to a safe, normal and healthy setting.


Full Support

I Will Give You My Full Support Via Email Thought Out Your Time On The Programme
You will get an email address where you can contact me*



I don’t want that much from you because I want to help hundreds more suffering from anxiety, just like you, instead of helping clients in private practice, fortunate enough to live close to me. Wherever you are in the world, I can help you!

The cost, today, is only £47.

You have nothing to lose except this unique opportunity to rid yourself of anxiety.

*UK office hours only 10am to 5pm.

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